So Long | Heather Christle

You want a mind tight like a drum

but you are given two friends

whose love is over

        and the street

full of admirable dogs moving through

the freezing sunlight

         and if the world


    if it blinks and gathers pictures

you will understand I think

            that it is still

just one long shot

        and that is mostly

how our knowing things will go

              except that

with the captured looking there are shared meals

and anger

     as when yesterday the advertised

man shaved his face at the camera

as if to challenge us to what I do not know

and cannot say

       though I mind this less

than I did before

We survive the end of love

and then one day find ourselves

all well at the movies

          We thump

our hearts and they respond

            It is


     It is the world not looked at

having changed

       and we are in it

getting ravaged getting calmer going on

And I’ve seen pictures of the moon made

to look like a close lantern

           A sweet mistake

I'm a mistake

      my mind keeps making

all the better

to eat you with my dear

Heather Christle is the author of four poetry collections: Heliopause and What Is Amazing, both published by Wesleyan University Press, and The Trees The Trees and The Difficult Farm, both published by Octopus Books. Her first work of nonfiction, The Crying Book , will be out from Catapult in November.