Kayla Krut



Another dream involving a lot of blood.
A darkening between each line.
No shortage of us out there.

Certainly can change a diaper;
can’t milk a cow.
Reframing all the moments I felt you were cruel

as points of emotional crisis in you
reframes so many moments and drains
what felt sick in our lives

that even the terrible weather
gleams with relief:
so this may hit you like lights-out!—

a rebrightening of each branch.
An off-season red-
bellied woodpecker blights the lichen.

Heart of a bird,
head of an enemy,
knifed dough for hands.


KAYLA KRUT is a writer from San Diego, California. She earned her MFA at the University of Michigan, where she was the recipient of an Academy of American Poets Prize. Currently, with the support of Fulbright, she lives, teaches, and translates in Vienna, Austria. Read more and/or reach out at www.kaylakrut.wordpress.com.