We're Fat With News

Our pants are popping from all the news we have for you this fine, snowy winter. Are you ready for all the excitement? Take a minute: GET READY.

First, there’s this pretty new site to look at. Isn’t it nice? We made it ourselves. Please make yourselves at home, look around, click all the links. It’s fun.

Second, we hope to see every last one of you at AWP in just a few weeks! We can’t wait to talk with you and dance with you and eat/drink with you friends, whether you’re coming from near or far. We will also have a table in the bookfair, table 502 in the South Hall, and we will be hosting a panel, To E or Not to E: Journals in the 21st Century, on Friday February 28th in room 2B, Level 2, at 4:30 p.m. Stop by and see us!

Just a few weeks after AWP, Treefort Music Fest will be hosting a Fugue reading through their brand new literary fest, Storyfort. What does this mean? It means you can come hear our very own Faculty Advisor Alexandra Teague, Marketing Editor Katie Ellison, and Fugue Reader Jeff Pearson share their written words at the Sesqui-shop in downtown Boise in the afternoon, then catch some killer bands at night. If you don’t have a pass yet, you probably want to get on it.

Did you think we would stop there? Well, we’re not gonna because we can’t! There’s the Annual Poetry and Prose Contest! Send, send, send your work, work, work! We want it until April 1st and first prize for BOTH poetry and prose is one-thousand dollars and publication in our fine pages.

Okay, now we’re done. Hope to see and hear from you soon! And if we don’t, you’ll be hearing more from us.